From the place, to the whole of China, and then to the world, the company has always been on the way to understand, practice, and inherit the Chinese Super Culture.

The Superman takes one step at a time, just to walk more steadily and go further...



Expected Future

The company further establishes R & D Committee on Flame Resistant Materials, R & D Committee on Special Powders, R & D Committee on Structural Ceramic Materials, R & D Committee on Catalytic Materials and R & D Committee on Electronic Ceramics for layout of key R & D direction in the future.

2020 Year

Constant Innovation

The company is awarded as Luoyang "Private Little Giant Enterprise" Top 20

Luoyang Zhongchao New Materials Co., Ltd. is selected to set up the first batch of work stations for Central Plains scholars in Henan Province


2016 Year

Making Achievements

The company has built "Annual output of 100,000t high whiteness fine aluminum hydroxide series environmental protection flame retardant project", with sales volume breaking 70,000t and sales income breaking 300 million yuan;

2007 Year

Overcoming Obstacles

The company succeeds in large-scale production of fine aluminum hydroxide and realizes large-scale stable production and sales of fine aluminum hydroxide, breaking oversea monopoly 


2003 Year

Making Sail

Establish Luoyang Zhongchao Aluminum Co., Ltd. for research, development and industrialization of technologies related to fine aluminum hydroxide flame retardant;

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