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The application of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant is introduced

In what field can aluminum hydroxide flame retardant be used, what problems should be paid attention to when using it, and what are the specific details, I will give you a detailed introduction below.

What is the flame retardant effect of magnesium hydroxide

Magnesium hydroxide has a high-efficiency flame-retardant effect. What is the specific flame-retardant effect? ​​I will give you a detailed introduction below.

Basic requirements for flame retardants

It is increasingly recognized that the use of flame retardant materials is one of the strategic measures to prevent and reduce fires. It is a special chemical additive used to improve the combustion performance of combustible and combustible materials. It is widely used in the resistance of various decoration materials.

Classification of flame retardant masterbatch

Flame retardant masterbatch, also known as flame retardant masterbatch, is a type of product produced to meet the fire protection requirements of plastic and rubber products. It is one of the good flame retardant products in plastics and rubber.

Characteristics of flame retardants

The flame retardant is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is a new type of environmentally friendly flame retardant. In addition, the curtain flame retardant is sprayed, impregnated and impregnated.
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