What is the effect of α-phase special alumina in the application of alumina ceramics?

Alpha-phase special alumina is the most stable crystal form at high temperatures. It has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, high stability, and excellent thermal conductivity, which can improve the hardness, strength, toughness, and smoothness of alumina ceramics. Hot and cold fatigue, etc.

How does the aluminum oxide ceramic coating on the anode of the lithium battery affect the performance of the lithium battery?

At present, the ceramic separator has been widely used in lithium-ion batteries to improve the safety performance and service life of the battery and reduce the self-discharge rate. After full experimental verification, a ceramic diaphragm can improve the cycle and safety performance of lithium-ion batteries.

special alumina for lithium battery separator coating material

ZC-Tech based on the deep technology accumulation of self-manufacturing powder, the company uses the advantages of the company’s raw materials and adopts advanced production technology to produce special alumina powder and boehmite powder with high purity, concentrated particle size distribution, good dispersion, and batch The advantages of good stability, etc., can be widely used in the field of lithium battery separator coating, which can significantly improve the safety of lithium batteries.

What are the applications of alumina ceramic materials in automobiles?

Alumina ceramics have excellent properties, a wide range of applications, and huge market potential.

The function and use of corundum Mullite Ceramic Setter plate

What is Mullite Ceramic Setter plate? Generally speaking, the Mullite Ceramic Setter plate is a tool used in the ceramic kiln to carry and transport the burned ceramic green body.

What are the benefits of using flame retardants in plastics?

In order to make plastics have better flame-retardant properties, flame retardant is an indispensable masterbatch, which can be added to the production of plastics to make plastics have better flame-retardant properties.

Analysis of the difference

Halogen-containing flame retardants refer to halogen-containing polymers or flame retardant mixtures combined with halogen-containing flame retardants, mainly antimony trioxide and decabromodiphenyl ether, which are often referred to as bromine antimony flame retardants.

A few things you need to know about flame retardants

The intention of flame retardants is to make non-flame retardant materials have flame retardant functions, which are not easy to burn under certain conditions and may be self-extinguishing.
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